Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pusat Jagaan Beribuan Kasih^^

On Christmas night we go to the Pusat Jagaan Beribuan Kasih in is a care center for anyone that was abandoned or simply no where to go, from old to young....UBF is planning to have a special christmas with this bunch of people....of course first I was scared to approach them...but then what the hell, just do it hehe^^

Thanks to the bunch of friendly kids that make me feel accepted there, I was their friend and they are mine....I met a girl named Nicole...she was only 15 when she was put there a few weeks ago by her parent...but I found that she never hated her life or blaming everything or think the world is no good, instead she have a dream...a dream of becoming a cook...she a special cook with creative talent...she can make a meat ball using small piece of meat, bread n milk(brilliant n creative....I hope i can learn her cooking)....she told me a lot of story that most people here experienced brutality and harshness of life...well long story so no need say too much(I also very lazy hehe^^)

There are one moment where she wrote her thank you notes to Sean(I happen to peep haha)....she wrote:" Thank you for giving this poor kids a very happy christmas and thank you for making me happy for the day." I was so touched by her words....i am speechless....I understand that they don't need our money donation or sponsor...instead what they truly need is our love, our care n our is truly simple but most of us will always forget that...what they desire is not all those paper given by people to them but instead their connection to society...that their heart desire....I will never forget tonight where Nicole n all the kids and old folks there have lighten my fire for compasion....nobody is born good or bad, it is just who u choose to be....

I will always remember the moment where I passed the christmas present to a little kid of 7 years old...he was closing his eyes...but when I touched n presented the present to him...I make a connection...he look me straight into my eyes n say:"Merry Christmas!" I was so touched that I hug him and say Merry Christmas to my heart I was wishing all of them at the center to be happy always n to have their dreams come true....if I ever have chance to go there matter UBF activity, my own accord, friends activities, my transport....whatever the reason I will revisit there whenever I have the chance...because I will never forget the place that lit up my heart....thank you so much...Pusat Jagaan Beribuan Kasih!!!

I will come back n I will try my best to lit up other people heart just like how u lit up heart....let us do this together n in the end we will light up the world!!!!


-Daniel- said...

Gambate, I support you! :D

Pinkie123 said...

It is so nice to hear that you spent such a special Christmas in warm up their hearts and meantime you gain lots of joy too! This is really a special present to them and to yourself. Let's work together to lit up others' heart and also our own hearts! Always support you ^_^